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Black Swan in Olbia is a specialized fitness centre, a space for the entire family, where adults and children can enjoy their passion for physical well-being, the art of dance, fitness and CrossFit.

Black Swan Gym is a place to make your body and soul feel good, where to share moments of leisure and fun, followed by qualified trainers.
Black Swan was born out of its founder’s desire, Claudio Rocco, to promote health and physical activity in all their expressions. Claudio Rocco and his staff offer CrossFit, and many fitness and dance classes, in group or alone, with your personal trainer.

Black Swan Danza Fitness Crossfit
Black Swan Danza Fitness Crossfit1
Black Swan Danza Olbia2
Black Swan Danza Olbia3
Black Swan Danza Olbia4
Black Swan Danza Spogliatoio1
Black Swan Danza Olbia5
Black Swan Danza Olbia Spogliatoi

The Trainers

Claudio Rocco

A very important figure in the Italian and international scene. Dancer, choreographer and Artistic Director for over 30 years. Curious about athletic gestures and physical well-being, he also devoted himself to the world of fitness, with passion and dedication. In a short time, his evolution led him to become a trainer of many fitness disciplines.

Desireè Rocco

Licensed Giocodanza® partner with Instruction Qualification– Prot. n° 561

Instructor National Diploma – Csen Prot. n°58910

Giocodanza® Instructor Card Csen n° 12345

Registered to Csen National Register

Giocodanza® Acknowledgement

Marta Carboni

Instructor diploma obtained with Marisa Ragazzo at the Step&Fitness Studios, Cagliari. 2014

Stage with Marisa Ragazzo, AfshinVarjavandi, KapelaMarna, Niako, Modulo Project and Amelia Aramu


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