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Dance is an art that has always embodied the expression of harmonic body movement, marked by rhythm. An ancient art spread in all cultures, which expresses itself in an improvised or choreographed way.

Dance is not just technique and rigour: it is an important chance to grow which, by relying also on imagination, leads the trainees to the discovery of their artistic and creative potential, promoting harmonious body growth and sharpening space perception and music sensitivity. The goal of our classes is to lead to the discovery of a natural agility, coordination, balance, elevation capacity and lightness, sense of rhythm and musicality, expressiveness and ability to focus.

Black Swan Danza Olbia4
Black Swan Danza Olbia
Black Swan Danza Olbia2
Black Swan Danza Olbia1
Black Swan Danza Olbia6
Black Swan Danza Olbia5
Black Swan Danza Olbia3
Black Swan Danza Olbia7


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